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mmm it's been a while since i've updating, gotta say there is nothing really to say here. well cept that the whole book list thing. yeah didn't get that far. oh well. i will though. and i also decided to take this semester off of school. guess that is kinda big. but other than that not so much. bleh. i also wanted to get a head start/ rewrite my story that i've been working on. not really getting anywhere with it. i have so many ideas and stuff. and i want to change a lot of it but i just really dont know where to start. well i'm gunna head out, try and get this story going.
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You'll let me read your story when the time comes, right? :D I have been awaiting it for quite some time! Cos if you need anybody to look over it, both Karen and I would be more than willing (:
i know you guys will my lil critics. but i just dont even know where to start. and i kinda want to start over, and i tried and i was all saddened cuz i was like all my work is gone(even though i'm changing the whole story. sigh* i just dont know where to begin booo.
Just keep on truckin' and the beginning'll come to you <3