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So here's the thing. I have a lot of books to read, not required either, just books I've been wanting to read or reread or have started reading but never finished. So I am going to list them, so I am reminded of what I should be doing instead of sitting here on the computer at 3 am doing absolutely nothing but listen to music and play horrible games on yahoo. As well as keeping my roomate awake(not really) because I can't be quiet and I am moving shit around like it's my job. Oh well, she's a pretty deep sleeper. I suppose I should also list the things I HAVE to do, for school. I guess I will list those first.

So Ryan Hayes for Intro to Poli Sci, you need to read chapters 2-4 and take notes by October 3. because you have a test on OCTOBER 5.

You should also read some chapters for American Democracy. and research the VA senate election as well, give yourself a head start.

Next you should PROBABLY copy Beth's notes for weather and climate and stop taking it from her after every class, then returning it to her, and then taking it back again. it's not cool. i apologize beth. forgive me.

Well, you should also copy the bits of the notes you miss for intro to criminal justice, cuz you're teacher speaks to fast and doesn't leave the power point up so you and your fellow classmates to copy. and when a student asked her if she could go back, she responds. these are online. good call.

Now that that's over with. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THIS YOU SLUT. because I know you will probably forget. like the cool kid you are, or may read it and be like, i have all the time in the world. NO YOU DON'T (p.s. i like to refer to myself in third person, couldn't tell you why) so RYAN HAYES get off you're A$$ and do some work.

Alright, now that I have gotten that out of the way, I am going to list the books that I want to finish/reread ladida. feel free to comment on the selections if you have read them and let me know what you think. I do value others opinions on books.

:The Da Vinci Code:: so I've read the first 20 pages or so. and I don't know why I just stopped reading it, it wasn't as if I didn't enjoy it

:That Was Then, This Is Now:: So my cousin convinced me to read this book, again I dont know why i've never read it before. But she really enjoyed it, we usually have the same taste. I've probably read about the first 40 pages or so.

:A Wrinkle In Time:: Can't say that I REALLY want to read this book, but alas erin told me I should read it, so I shall.

:Peter Pan:: I only have a few chapters left to go. and i started it,oh let's say my senior year in high school. so i may have to start again.

*if you haven't notices, i tend not to read one book at a time, i have to be reading like 3-4 books. and they never get finished. bad habit. okay back to my list*

:Eragon:: so this is a book that i saw at barnes and nobles. i looked at it and i was like well this looks interesting, then erin piped in and said that she heard it was a good book and that we would probably like it. so we bought it, and then about 2 weeks later we saw signs that it was to be made a movie. gotta read it before it comes out.

:The Neverending Story:: the movie was by far my favorite growing up. as well as Willow (a movie that none of my friends like or have ever heard of, they make fun of me, jerks) but anyway, i've always wanted to read the book. so i bought it.

:The Five People You Meet In Heaven:: I heard this is a good book, a lot of my friends read it for summer reading in high school. Erin also finished it, and said it was good but not AMAZING. mmm well i'll read it anyway.

:The Hobbit:: yes that's right. I want to read the hobbit.

:I hope They Serve Beer In Hell:: this is by far the funniest book ever. tucker max is an utter asshole, yet you can't stop reading because his experiences are so out there. i think to myself, how can ALL this happen to one person. I have about 50 pages left in that book. i shall be done with it soon.

yes well thats my list. of things to do/to read. this is pretty much a pointless entry. but hey. whatev. so yes i'm out, i'm gunna go read tucker max and then go to bed. perhaps i dont know yet. alright peace love.

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BAHAHA NOTES, S'ALRIGHT. I apologize for having such horrid handwriting :D


Da Vinci Code is OKAY, but nothing spectacular. And the prequel, Angels and Demons, is basically the same exact story, though I preferred that one.

Never heard of the second one.

Never read Wrinkle in Time but I absolutely LOVED A Wind in the Door

Peter Pan, never read ahahaha

Eragon...never read it, but OH the things I've heard about it. I hear it's very very generic. Like Star Wars set in Middle Earth. Karen'll probably rant about this one ahahaha

The Neverending Story - OH. MY. GOD. SO GOOD. I loved it when I first read it and I still love it now. Probably the book I've read the most times. So awesome. First movie is an excellent adaptation, though it only covers the first half of the book. You will love it, though, I promise.

Five People, never read it, though I hear it's pretty good

And...is that last one the one you were talking about with the carrot and the puking and just the overall gross?

Woops, and I forgot to mention the Hobbit.



...ONTO OTHER THINGS. Ryan Haynes needs to learn to take her own notes :D

As for books...

Da Vinci Code was good. Not great, but I couldn't put it down while reading it.

Never heard o' that second one.

A Wrinkle in Time you MUST read, it's short and easy but VERY good.

I can't remember if I ever read Peter Pan...

....ERAGON. Christ on a pogo stick. Unless you're looking for a laugh (in the "god this book is so bad" kind of way), stay as far away from this book as possible. I'll rant about how much I hate it in my next post, thanks for reminding me :D

Neverending Story homg!! WONDERFUL BOOK! REEAD!

I've heard of the Five People one, people say it's pretty good. Lemme know what you think when you're done.

The Hobbit is a bit of an easier read than the LotR. It was alright. I think I liked it in 8th grade. It's like, one of those books you want to have read but don't really want to READ, as Mark Twain says of classics.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell sounds pretty damn interesting. Is it good good?
yeah. Ryan Hayes does need to take her own notes.

onto better things, yeah so i hope they serve beer in hell, is ridiculous. it's basically a collection of drunk/sex stories. that sometimes end so awkwardly or horribly disguisting. yet you just can't put it down.

and i heard that Eragon was supposed to be good. but oh well. and i will let you know about the five people you meet in heaven.

and i SOOO know what you mean about the whole, i should read it but dont really care THAT much about it to actually read it.

that was then, this is now. i've read a bit of it and it is really good its like about this two kids who just get into a bunch of shit and stuff.
DUDE you SO called the karen ranting about Eragon. haha good call.so yeah i have homework to do and notes to write (as well as copy yours) and i thank you for being a pal lady face.
i love that you refer to yourself in the third person

thats good that youre making a list. it seems likea lot tho. everytime i make lists i get wicked discouraged. but its ok. i feel better after we have sex?

im guna go....:D
i love using lj again hahahaha u should check or my entries once a day im guna try updating all the time =)
!!!!! i love you. and yes our sex makes everything better. and yeah it is a lot to read. but whatev. i can manage.