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apparently. you can send 'livejournal nudges' now. which i why i am now updating, due to beth's lil el-jay nudge. cute. so here i am. back at good ol' salem state college. going to my classes and sleeping. what a life. good news though, i'm almost done paying for my car. so WAHOO for me! and i get to have my cool car (which is not so cool) and be all i have a car. alright there is really nothing to put down here. alright. peace. out.
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hahahaha crazy lady
Your little emicons amuse me. WHAT IS THIS NUDGE THING? I don't do well with technological updates. But omg car. WHAT'S ITS NAME? :D
well its a saturn. and i dont know what i shall call it. maybe squishy. and yes the whole nudge thing. i did not know that there ever was such a thing until i had an email that is all beth nudges you to update your livejournal. bitch. haha. oh p.s. me beth and noelle went to yoga and it is quite relaxing. sigh*
Hahahah yeah, I randomly found the nudge thing yesterday and though to meself "HMM. I want to use this on somebody. HEEEEY, RYAN!"

And yes, yoga was indeed relaxing. I felt the center of the universe knocking on the door to my subconcious. Their normal gamma ray must be broken
yes the sweet serenity of yoga.
HEE Squishy the Saturn. Mine's is Razzy. AND YOU SHALL MEET HIM WHEN I COME VISIT. Yay.

This nudge thing sounds silly.

...I want yoga classes =(
umm i'll believe there is a razzy when i see it. meaning that you better get your ass over here sometime soon.
Well I WAS gonna come up this weekend, but then Beth had to go and have job orientation on Saturday. So now it's like, the next weekend or something.
BAH! next weekend i'm going to amherst. slut. come the weekend after. haha
Ho! Crikey, I'll be lucky to make it there before midterms! Haha!
bah you're never gunna come. boo you. haha