ryaN* (xosweets47ox) wrote,

alright, so i now have a new edition to my books to read list. thing. well since Karen commented on the list, and suggested that the wind in the door is a good book. i was all, i never heard of it. then i walked into Erin's room, and there it is. so i am taking it with me to read. she's in FL so it's not like she is going to read it anytime soon, plus i think she already read it so. yes. new book. haha alright peace love kids.

note:: since BETH commented. and said how amazing the wind in the door is...
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(Psst! And hey! 'twas me that suggested Wind in the Door, and I remember it being rather awesome)
.... just kidding. i fixed it for you. but i left my mistake up. so people can know that you ARE NOT karen.
HAHAHAH because I'm awesome (:

And Karen is so totally NOT.

hahah you both are equally awesome.
I hope you know that greatly lessens my level of awesome
hahahha. i love you. and karen. though she is not here to agrue with you. but in my book, your both SUPERRAD
Oh, I'm just causing trouble (:
that you are lady.