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haha so i was reading the past entry
and. i did not unpack right away. oh well
so now it's summer. and i got a job at banana republic
in the wrentham outlets. i'm pretty psyched
i'm gunna be moving in with my cousin for the summer. YIPPEE
although, i wish it was closer to home or that i had a car
cuz i do want to be here with my mom, i missed her dearly while i was at school
i know hard to believe considering all the bullshit we went through.
haha and i want to be able to see my friends in brockton and in north andover
blahh. i guess i'll just have to deal with seeing them like 2 or 3 times throughout the summer
i just really need to work. haha and make money so i can get a car.
and its pretty late. i should be packing cuz erin is coming to get me sunday morning
and tomoro i'll be going to north andover to see a few people.
so i dunno. and i might be going to NY with my mom to bring my grandmother to the airport

oh yeah. my grandmother came from korea to visit.
this is the first time i've ever met her in my life
so it's kinda awkward haha, cuz i dont speak korean
even though i should. but i dunno, my mom hasnt really taught me
so i feel bad, cuz she cant even like talk to us. well my brother,
knows enough to carry little conversations with her haha so we just rely on him
when we are all together. but yes. my mom looks just like her, it's weird.
and i look like my mom, so when you put us all together you can like see the resemblance.

so i dont really know what i should be typing in here
as you can tell i havent done this is in a while
so there is so much going on but too little time to write it all in here

blah. but i think i am just gunna go and do something productive... at 3:30 in the morning.
peace love kids<3
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